Monday, April 20, 2009

New product: Strength Bands

Hello! We are Body Bar, and we're glad you've found us.

Check out our website, online store, and community here. Our products include the original Body Bar®, the Body Bar Flex, Mini Bars, Walking Bars, Strength Bands, educational materials such as DVDs and books, and more. And if your order is over $25, shipping costs are on us.

For those of you who are already familiar with Body Bars and perhaps already have a few, be sure to check out our newest product, the Body Bar Strength Bands. They are created with patented Slastix technology and are a great addition for extra resistance, creating more power and muscle definition.

Body Bars are perfect for toning and functional fitness, and adding the Strength Bands creates an extra challenge that will increase your lean muscle mass and overall strength. The safety sleeve protects the band from the dangers of overstretching and snapping, ultraviolet light, body oils, and nicks and cuts from daily use. The bands attach to the end of the any Body Bar with the easy, secure fastener.

At $29.99, they're a bargain (and also qualify for free shipping).

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